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LIONS Uniform Order Form 20222 / 2023

All jerseys and socks are custom made to order and cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged unless there is a manufacturing error or product defect. Any jersey or socks ordered outside of the annual uniform ordering window will be subject to additional shipping charges.

Jersey numbers may be between 1-99. Even birth years (ex. 2008, 2010, 2012) must choose EVEN numbers and odd birth years (ex. 2009, 2011, 2013) must choose ODD numbers.

If your child is a returning player and already has a number assigned, please enter that number in the space provided on your account profile (numbers will be verified by league administrators before the order is place. You will be contacted if the number you entered is not already assigned to you).

For all other players, numbers will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have a preferred number, please contact Tiffany at to see if it is available.

PLEASE NOTE: Many jersey numbers are already in use by existing players and will not be available.

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