Attendance & Commitment

Hockey is a team sport and attendance at all practices, games, and tournaments is part of the commitment that your child, and your family, is making to their teammates and coaches. The typical week includes at least two hours of practice and two games, with travel times of up to 90 minutes from Ridgefield. RAHA understands that, while over the course of the season 100% attendance at all events may not be possible, the expectation is that players will make every effort to honor their commitment to their team. In all cases where an event will be missed, the reason for missing should be conveyed to the coach as soon as practical and preferably at least 24 hours before the event.

Players who accept a position on a RAHA travel team agree to attend two out of town tournaments and an end of season state or district tournament. Most tournament fees are included in the tuition. Families are responsible for supplemental tournament fees and additional travel related expenses such as transportation, food and lodging. Tournaments are likely to fall on holiday weekends. Tournament games often begin on Thursdays or Fridays, regardless of school schedules, and players are expected to attend the tournament. In addition, the end of season state tournament may coincide with a school's winter break. Participation in state tournaments is required. Practices in the weeks immediately preceding state tournaments are mandatory.  Participation in additional tournaments will be at the discretion and expense of the team.

Missed games and practices may result in a loss of playing time, to be decided at the coach’s discretion, based on the legitimacy of the absence. Legitimate absences include, but are not limited to illness, injury and participation in mandatory school and religious activities. Repeated absences may result in a loss of playing time and reduction in a player’s prospects for selection in future years.

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