Release Policy

A Release (Transfer) Rule applies to new players. RAHA will accept a maximum of two releases per team.

To be placed on the top team, a release must qualify as an "impact" player. An impact player is considered to be among the top two lines at a given age level.

The Board reserves the right to adjust this Release Policy as necessary where there exists a shortage of players, the competitiveness of a team is in question, or in the case of a former RAHA player returning from a Tier I team. Subsequent transfer proposals adopted by the Connecticut Hockey Conference may supersede RAHA's policy.

OUTGOING RELEASES: Players/families who have no outstanding financial obligations to their prior program for ANY prior season, and wish to transfer to a new program, will be issued a Release upon request. The player's new program must be provided - CHC will not accept blank/blanket releases. N

NOTE: If RAHA has held tryouts for the current season, and a player has committed to one of our travel teams, then releasing the player is at the discretion of the RAHA. Letter of Commitment for the current season supersedes player's right to a release.  

OUTGOING RELEASES TO CHC RECOGNIZED TIER 1 TEAMS: As long as they were in financial good standing at the end of the prior season, players requesting releases on or before May 1 to CHC recognized Tier 1 programs or teams, will be released regardless of any prior commitment to a team/program for the upcoming season.

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