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Ridgefield Amateur Hockey Association (RAHA) is a tryout-based organization. Each season, players are evaluated based on their abilities and are then placed on the appropriate team. Player evaluations are one of the most difficult tasks for a youth hockey association to perform. Often, the margin between players is very thin. Thus, the ultimate aim of the tryout process is to provide sufficient opportunities for coaches and the independent evaluator to thoroughly evaluate each player's abilities and maintain the viability of the program.


What aged players are appropriate for this program?

RAHA hosts teams from beginner to young adult. USA Hockey determines age by birth year. As a guideline, your child's age group will be the age they will be on 12/31 in the year that begins the season in September.

  • Mite - 8U
  • Squirt - 10U
  • Peewee - 12U
  • Bantam - 14U
  • Midget - 18U - There are often multiple subdivisions of age in the Midget category such as 16U, 15U.


What time of the year does this program run?

Camp and practices start as early as the last couple weeks of August and the season runs into March depending on CHC tournament participation.


Where are practices and games typically held?

Most practices will take place at Winter Garden Ice Arena but other locations may be used throughout the season as required.

Home games will generally take place at Winter Garden Ice Arena but may be scheduled at other locations as required. Away games will be scheduled throughout Connecticut and may extend to nearby states.

Tournaments may be scheduled at more remote locations.


When are practices and how often are they?

Team practices are generally take place 2-3 nights per weekday. There are opportunities for supplemental practices throughout the season.


How many games will they play? What days of the week?

The number of games per season is variable and is effected by many factors. As a general rule, expect 2 games per weekend throughout the season with one home and one away.


Are jerseys provided or are they purchased separately?

Each player is responsible for maintaining a full uniform which consists of

  • Black Helmet with team logos
  • Home / Away team jerseys
  • Black pants or black team shell
  • Home / Away team socks
  • Practice socks

Additional uniform specifics will provided along with an opportunity to size and order uniforms prior to the season.

A full uniform set will cost approximately $250.

Extra Costs

What costs beyond registration fees should be expected?

Besides registration and tuition, players and parents will be required to purchase and maintain equipment, uniforms and pay for travel to tournaments. Teams that participate in leagues outside of CHC such as EJEPL will be charged supplemental fees in addition to the base tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the check-in process at tryouts?

Your family will be greeted at Winter Garden Arena by the age level directors (ALDs). Your child will be issued a numbered pinnie. Please have your child dress in full hockey gear, including a neck guard, mouthguard (12U and up) and wear the pinnie over his or her jersey. Goalies should have the number in front; all other players should have the number in back. Please register in advance and pay the tryout fee prior to arriving at the rink. If you arrive at the rink without having paid the tryout fee you will be asked to do it online in front of the ALD.

Are there any forms to bring?

If you have completed all registration forms online, you have nothing to bring. If not, we will ask you to complete the forms on your mobile device while you are there, and you will need to provide your player’s current USA Hockey number.

When do I need to be there?

You can double check your date and time slot on the website.

What do we do with the pinnie?

You will receive a pinnie the first night of tryouts. Please hold onto the pinnie. It is very important that your child wear the same pinnie for all three nights of tryouts, so please let one of the age level directors know if there are any issues. Make a note of your pinnie number, as session invitations will be announced by pinnie number. Your pinnie should be returned to your ALD after your final tryout. 

Why do some ages have two sessions each night?

We believe that having fewer players on the ice at a time will give the evaluators and coaches a better look at each individual skater. After the first day, you will be notified as to which sessions your child should attend on additional days.

How do we find out whether our player has made a team, and which team?

The final team decisions will be made around 24-72 hours after the end of the last night of tryouts. You will receive an offer via email which will need to be accepted promptly along with choosing and completing a tuition payment. At this time, you will be able to select a number if the player isn't currently assigned a number and order uniforms.

How long do we have to make a decision?

You have 24 hours from the time that results are posted on the Web site to decline your child’s position on the team.

What happens next?

In the weeks following the announcement of teams, you will receive a welcome email from your player’s coach. Players will be given an opportunity to order additional gear such as jackets, pants, and other RAHA spirit wear.

Whom should I contact regarding any issues?

Please direct any inquiries, questions, or concerns to Please also let us know if your player will not be able to make one or more of the tryout sessions. 

What else should I know?

In order to keep the process fair and transparent, please do not contact or intercede with any of the coaches, evaluators, or age level directors regarding specific player issues related to tryouts. 

More information regarding the tryout process is available on our web site at

Thank you for considering RAHA for your family. We look forward to seeing you on the ice.

RAHA 2024-25

Register here for the 2024-2025 Travel Hockey season tryouts.  

You are required to attend tryouts to receive an offer for placement.

If you have any questions, you may contact

Please be advised, registration fees are non-refundable.

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